Parliota - a decentralized meeting manager

Meetings can be setup in minutes without creating an account.
Agenda items can be proposed and their importance influenced through funding using the cryptocurrency IOTA.
Data is stored in encrypted form in the IOTA tangle.

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Use Cases and examples

Parliota turns the creation of the meeeting agenda into a shared responsibility for all the meeting participants. You pay to increase the time share and/or advance the position of a agenda item in the meeting. At the end of the meeting the funds are distributed to all participants by the meeting owner.

As the CEO or team lead you may ask “Why should I pay to upvote an agenda item?”. Afterall, you can probably mandate it. But you also know how important it is to obtain maximal buy-in from the team. Parliota is a new tool to support that purpose.

As an employee who often sits through seemingly irrelevant meetings you might ask yourself “Cool, but how would I get my company to adopt such a meeting style”? Well, why not suggest it to the meeting owners. It is quite difficult to turn down Parliota in an open-minded company which boasts itself as highly valueing the team’s opinion.

Promoting participative working environment

Perhaps you are already working for a company or a team that has adopted a collaborative style. Or perhaps you are heading a team or company yourself and are looking for ways to add interactivity to future meetings. In both cases, Parliota introduces a new way to engage your team.

Empower your team where it matters the most

Meetings are where decisions are taken on almost everything from strategy planning to budget to reviewing progress to brainstorming on the future. Parliota equally engages the entire team and challenges all participants with reviewing and editing the agenda until the most relevant items get time on the center stage.
Suppose you suggested a critical point to be discussed at the next review meeting and find it has landed in the tenth position of a 12 point agenda for which only one hour is scheduled. In Parliota you can now promote your item by funding it with IOTA tokens. If you succeed, your item gets a top position on the agenda, or else you get an increased payout because other items get up-funded again.
Anyways, Parliota asserts that there is real interest in top agenda items. “Hi Tom, you are invited to a 2 Gi half-day Parliota meeting on the design of our new factory” sounds like the owner is determined to get people’s attention.

Align and balance people’s interest

Parliota aims at balancing the interests and costs of all meeting participants. Sometimes this balance is naturally given, but often the meeting is more interesting to some than to others.
Below are some typical scenarios with asymmetric interests:

Plans for future development / Outlook

Refined Incentives Engine

Parliota is a lot about aligning interests in teams. We have started by implementing with a very basic mechanism for funding and fund distribution. What we need next is something like an incentive box. It needs to first defines all the events that are relevant in meetings. Such events can include simple things like being on time and ranges all the way to complex events such as nucleating the grand solution.

Meetings Overview

We will implement a function that enables users to create an overview and search index for all their meetings.

Evaluate Upcoming IOTA Tech

Masked Authenticated Messaging is a second-layer technology being developed for the IOTA network. Once release we will evaluate it and see if we can use it in Parliota.